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What I need to know is are you hungry,” she full report said. Amanda Suddoth explains how she hopes to provide a different kind of food assistance: My Neighbor’s Cupboard has been recognized by Care and Share food bank as a “Community Champion” because it “is a critical ally in the fight against hunger in Southern Colorado.” Suddoth’s intention for keeping information private and creating a low barrier for people to receive food is removing the stigma, and often times humiliation, she sees people come with when they are in a position of needing help. There have been a lot more of those folks show up in her building after the pandemic began. “We’ve met a lot of new neighbors. A lot of new neighbors and I tell you what, we still get to know each and every one of them.” Suddoth said. So far this year, the organization has given out 1.2 million pounds of food to over 33,000 people–a four-fold increase from 2019. Ways to donate to My Neighbor’s Cupboard: Text “Cupboard” to 22828 and follow the instructions In addition to the building (which stores thousands of pounds of food), Suddoth holds massive drive-up food pickup events in other small and secluded towns where food assistance is rare. Westcliffe and Cotapaxi are two of those towns. Her most recent drive-up event on November 21 had 200 cars in line before they began to give out food.

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