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Symptoms of mild to moderate dehydration might include: More severe dehydration constitutes a medical emergency that requires immediate attention, and can include any or all of these as well as: The human body is 60% water — and our blood is 90% water. “That’s why you need to make sure that you’re drinking enough water . It’s also why people who are too sick to drink can tend to get into further trouble,” explains Dr. Sukol. “In addition to protein, fats and carbohydrates, water is sometimes considered a fourth macronutrient: needed for our body to function optimally.” Blood: Water ensures


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What I need to know is are you hungry,” she full report said. Amanda Suddoth explains how she hopes to provide a different kind of food assistance: My Neighbor’s Cupboard has been recognized by Care and Share food bank as a “Community Champion” because it “is a critical ally in the fight against hunger in Southern Colorado.” Suddoth’s intention for keeping information private and creating a low barrier for people to receive food is removing the stigma, and often times humiliation, she sees people come with when they are in a position of needing help. There have been a lot more of those folks


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E-bikes have arguably been one of the biggest revolutions in cycling in recent years, as more and more people are turning to pedal-assisted power – here is everything you need to know about insuring your e-bike.  In the last few years, the number of e-bikes on the roads has risen massively since 2018, as the price of electric powered bicycles began to tumble.  Get the latest Black Friday cycling deals here <<< According to Deloitte, more than 130 million e-bikes are expected to be sold globally between 2020 and 2023. European countries like Germany and the Netherlands have the strongest additional hints appetite for e-bikes, as almost a million were sold in Germany in the first half of 2019, while in the Netherlands more than half of all adult bikes sold were battery powered.  In the UK, only 70,000 e-bikes were sold in 2018 (two per cent of all bikes)


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Johnson is partnering with Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin, Second Harvest Food Bank of Southern Wisconsin, and Feed My People of Wisconsin. A company spokesman said officials began planning in late October. They wanted to do something to help people within their service area. The donation was announced on Nov. 23 during a check presentation. “Who would have imagined we would be facing a pandemic this year,” said Jim Popp president, and chief executive officer of Johnson Financial Group. “Our communities need help now, and these organizations will


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The man got out of his car at a service station, possibly to use the bathroom, on the gridlocked BR-101 motorway in the south-eastern state of Rio de Janeiro. A passenger travelling with him took over the wheel and she remained in the barely crawling 4-kilometre tailback that formed when a lorry overturned at around 5am on November 23. A hapless driver in Brazil “lost” his car in a huge traffic jam and had to roam the motorway for half an hour on foot to find it. Source: Newsflash/Australscope However, the traffic started flowing again and the woman was obliged to continue driving. When the


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“We're very worried about the travel that's going on around Thanksgiving. Six million people traveled in the last six days and that means many more people will be exposed [to the virus.] We told folks to stay at home and not move around but people did the opposite….We're all quite worried the system will be overwhelmed with patients because the resources we have are finite but the numbers of patients we have could be infinite. COVID does not take a holiday.” Hospital systems are strained in the Midwest. (Graphic: David Foster/Yahoo Finance) Forty-six states are now considered hotspots where


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While speaking at a news conference, foreign ministry official Tamas Menczer said that no one can say for certain when the country will get a vaccine or when it will be mass-produced. Therefore, he added that Hungary will look to the east and cooperate with Russia and China in a bid to access and procure the vaccine when available.  Last week, Hungary had received a delivery of Russia’s Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine. Back then, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto had said that Hungary is the first European country to receive a sample. According to Budapest, an initial 10 doses were handed for local testing, with large-scale


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Permits for notable commercial additions and remodels 1801 16th St. Adding a Brachtherapy vault to the look at here existing building. Contractor — J.E. Dunn Construction Company. Job valued at $2,200,000. 600 51st Ave. Footing and foundation for McAuliffe STEM Academy addition. Contractor — Derek Bestor. Job valued at $844,000. 3526 10th St. Remodel of Starbucks kiosk.

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Unqualified workers are filling in to do repair work on New York City Housing Authority elevators — a situation that could lead to disastrous results, according to one labor leader. “If a mistake is read here made someone could die,” said Gregory Floyd, president of Teamsters Local 237. “I want to see trained elevator mechanics and elevator mechanic’s helpers working on elevators.” Due to an inability to fill job postings with elevator mechanic’s helpers, the Housing Authority has been using laborers with little training to do the work, documents obtained by the Daily News show. NYCHA elevator


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Photo resource by Tony V. Martin The 2017 Gary Preservation Tour of architectural sites on Saturday. Photo by Tony V. Martin The 2017 Gary Preservation Tour of architectural sites on Saturday. Photo by Tony V. Martin The 2017 Gary Preservation Tour of architectural sites on Saturday. Photo by Tony V. Martin The 2017 Gary Preservation Tour of architectural sites on Saturday. Photo by Tony V.